The CleverEve Process

Each and every piece of jewelry we sell is designed and manufactured by us or our suppliers in the United States. We have implemented a quality control procedure which is followed throughout the manufacturing process to detect and eliminate any defects. All of our jewelry pieces pass through a final quality control check before they are shipped out.

We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship. Our master jewelers and expert designers have been in the business of making truly unique pieces of jewelry for many years. In addition, utmost care is taken in our diamond selection process and only those diamonds that meet our criteria are set in our jewelry pieces. The combined number of years of experience involved in making each of our diamond jewelry pieces is well over 100 years.

Our team of highly capable and trained personnel makes sure that your privacy and security is not compromised when you shop with us online. Our carrier-independent, fully insured shipping solution with one of the world's largest all-risk insurers guarantees a seamless transfer of your purchased diamond jewelry from our vaults to your doorstep.

When purchasing a jewelry piece from CleverEve you will have peace of mind that what you receive from us is of the highest quality and is made by experts in jewelry workmanship. You can be rest assured that we will do whatever we can to earn your business.