Why CleverEve

Founded by high-end jewelry manufacturers and retailers, CleverEve guarantees our fashion-savvy clients the most exceptional pieces of jewelry from the most trusted sources worldwide. Just as we have succeeded in past decades to earn the trust and assure the satisfaction of our customers, our promise is to serve our on-line clients with the same integrity and efficiency.

A few years ago, purchasing your high-end jewelry via the internet was unheard of. But now, modern technological advancement in the changing world affords us the opportunity to offer you a superior shopping venue that is both safe and convenient.

The management at CleverEve consists of highly motivated and knowledgeable individuals who have been selected from diverse backgrounds in the jewelry industry, who know how to make high-end jewelry, and understand how operations of an online jewelry store work.

Made in USA

We manufacture all our diamond jewelry pieces in our own facility in the United States. Hence you are purchasing directly from the source without having to pay a premium because of a jewelry piece passing through few hands before reaching you.

Superior Customer Service

Our customer service personnel are very friendly as well as very knowledgeable. None of our agents work on a commission basis and there is no pressure to “make a sale”. Our goal is to become your personal online jeweler and we do our best to provide our customers the best shopping experience possible.

Jewelry Expertise

We have been in the jewelry business for over three decades and the combine expertise of our employees that goes into making each individual diamond jewelry piece is well over 100 years. In addition we use the latest state of the art equipment in our manufacturing facility combined with our time proven jewelry manufacturing techniques to bring our customers exceptional and very unique diamond jewelry pieces.

Online as well as Offline presence

CleverEve, Inc. has its manufacturing facility as well as its offices located in Los Angeles, CA. We are not just a website but a jewelry manufacturer, specializing in making high-end diamond jewelry.