Choosing a Vintage Diamond Ring for Your Wedding

Posted on May 01, 2013 by The CleverEve Team

For many women, having a special diamond ring is a proud treasure they will wear every day for the rest of their lives. The lucky ones even acquire a hand-me-down from their mothers or grandmothers. However, for those ladies who don’t have the luxury of an authentic vintage diamond ring or family heirloom to wear as their diamond engagement ring, today’s modern craftsmen have designed a “new” vintage diamond ring collection that has the look of antique diamond rings; except with all of the modern conveniences that a new diamond ring offers.

What makes a ring look vintage? The design usually has very specific details within the craftsmanship that feature elegant details and Victorian style or lace-inspired characteristics. Before unwary consumers shop for the diamond wedding band of their dreams, it’s important to understand some of the terminology that sets these old-fashioned ring designs apart from the more contemporary looks of a traditional diamond band.

One noticeable difference is that a modern engagement ring or wedding band has a sleek, smooth appearance with either a high-polished or matte finish band; whereas the vintage wedding rings are usually designed with a tiny diamond encrusted look known as pave. Pave diamond ring settings have tiny smaller diamonds that are set closely together to resemble tiny beading within the metal. This is not the same as a cluster diamond setting, which uses larger stones to fill the appearance of one stone. Pave diamonds often cover the metal entirely and give the appearance of the whole band being filled with tiny sparkles.

Another design feature of the vintage diamond rings is in the crown – also known as the head – of the diamond solitaire that is set on top of the mounting. To put it simply, the diamond engagement ring often features either one main diamond or three diamonds, depending on whether the ring is meant to be worn as an anniversary band, right hand ring or as a solitaire. Vintage settings commonly highlight that larger center stone with delicate accents that surround the main attraction.

When choosing a vintage diamond, the most important thing is to choose a setting that is well-made so that the tiny pave diamonds do not fall off the ring. It is better to order the diamond band in the correct size, rather than to have it sized up or down to fit. Sizing it too much will compromise the strength of the mounting and could cause the smaller pave stones to become loose during wear of the ring.

Vintage diamond bands have indeed become a popular choice, because of their luxurious and delicate look that adds a touch of femininity to any lady’s hand whom happens to be fortunate enough to acquire such a stunning jewelry piece. Many of these wedding rings will become long-lasting family heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.

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