Pave Diamond Rings Offer a Desirable Encrusted Diamond Look

Posted on February 01, 2013 by The CleverEve Team

If you see a blinding, flash of light whiz by, it could be something besides a busy superhero.  It could be a lady sporting a gorgeous pave diamond ring!   Pave diamond settings are like a rush of glittery glitz with outstanding fascination.  They provide a style much like a cocktail ring, with multitudes of tiny pave diamonds covering the whole area of the ring.  The result is a shimmery effect, as those large number of small diamonds work together to capture the light in many directions.

Why are they called pave diamond rings?  The term surprisingly is a derivative of the word pavement.  Because of their tiny size, these diamonds must be set in a manner that is close together, much like the resemblance of masonry-set cobblestone that is used in paving.  They are highly desired because the pave diamond rings have a look of elegance, since they often cover the ring entirely wherever metal can be seen, giving the ring an appearance of richness that resembles wealth.  High dollar purchase?  Not necessarily.  Often, the pave diamond rings are quite affordable unless they adorn a ring that uses pave diamond accents surrounding a larger center stone, such as the case of a pave diamond engagement ring.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these tiny diamonds are worthless.  Sometimes there is much work to be done in the cutting process of these itty-bitty gems.  Just like their larger cousins, the small pave diamonds are priced according to their relative value using the color and clarity chart that is most common of all diamond makers.  Pave diamonds also must be crafted with the same number of facets as their larger sidekicks that are used as accent stones.  That is why pave diamond rings produce a brilliant, blinding effect even in a dimly-lit room.

You will find wide pave diamond rings and the vintage style pave diamond rings.  Wide pave diamond bands usually feature multiple rows of diamonds or encrusted looks, whereas vintage styles have pave accents that surround another larger stone.  Pave diamond settings can be used as engagement rings, anniversary bands, wedding sets and right hand rings.  Many cocktail rings also feature a similar pave diamond look that is simply dazzling.

For the most part, you will find rings with pave diamonds to be set primarily in platinum or white gold, although yellow gold is coming back in style after its two decade backseat to the white metal designs.  Pave diamond bands have a look of being antiques, even if they are brand new.  No matter if they are new – or true vintage designs – diamond pave rings are indeed mesmerizing and fashionable on any woman’s finger.

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